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We strive to develop unique solutions..
..that make a genuine difference in rehabilitation medicine by creating economical and human added value to our customers, end-users and a society.
Welfare Denmark is a leading company in the industry of welfare technologies. Our company offers tested and efficient virtual solutions for rehabilitation.

Welfare Denmark won Microsofts Global Innovation Award in 2013 with Virtual Training®.

Our team has developed solutions for health care industry in a close and formalized cooperation with several municipalities in Denmark. These municipalities have contributed significantly to the development of Welfare Denmark’s technologies on a management and a therapist levels. Such productive cooperation enabled us to offer solutions that fit into daily healthcare operations and that efficiently contribute to resolve the growing number of challenges posed by the healthcare industry to a society.

Innovating Denmark
Denmark is the perfect sandbox for innovative and progressive companies who is looking to develop state of the art eHealth solutions.
Why is this?
Denmark is a small society with public health services – covering all citizens. You could say, that the Danish state is one of the largest insurance companies in the world. Now add to this public health-pot, open minds, strong spending power and the overall goal to reduce costs – then you have the perfect stew.
Virtual Training®, aimes to motivate the patient to follow the training plans given – not to replace the therapists. Recent studies shows that the patient is very interested and happy about the fact that much of their training now is in their own homes.
Virtual Training® was developed to give the therapists a daily and documented feedback, and also making it possible to easily change the original training plans according to the needs of the patient. Together with a small amount of “magic” Virtual Training® reduces the overall rehabilitation time – and, together with extensive automated documentation, gives the therapist more time with the patient.
Simon Brandt
Managing Director