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Virtual Training® – Work Smarter, Not Harder


SAFELY manage higher patient load, treat each patient remotely and simultaneously, drive faster rehab outcomes
Guides patients through rehabilitation regimen; monitors progress; corrects patients as necessary in real time

Exercise at home – no transportation for training at a health centre. Enhanced flexibility and convenience for rehab patients
Cost-effective for both patients and the private or public healthcare provider

Fully market tested (incl. clinical studies) for accuracy and reliability
Developed with extensive collaboration of Danish physiotherapists in a public/private partnership
Successfully deployed across 30 municipalities in Denmark
Digitalplan learn more on our danish website www.digitalplan.dk

The Virtual Training® X-Factor


Ratio of Clinicians : Patients
Remote Patient Location
Clinician’s Office


Our customers have a Unique Competitive Differentiation. Virtual Training® simply lets therapists handle more patients.

30 %

Distributed Intelligence

Virtual Therapist


Intuitive & Motivational Software

Patient Compliance

Stronger & Faster Patient Outcomes


Data Collection from Medical Devices

Deeper Patient Insight

Customised Rehab Program

90% of exercises in PT Universe


Patient Monitoring & Analytics

Higher Clinician Efficiency & Effectiveness


Automated Processes

Higher Efficiency and Lower Costs

According to a scientific study, Virtual Training® motivates the patient to train more!


60 %

I could see the improvement

70 %

I was kept an eye on

83 %

I could train at home