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Virtual Training® is an innovative rehabilitation tool which helps physiotherapists to provide easy and efficient rehabilitation to the patients in his/her own home or in rehabilitation facilities. The system is developed in close cooperation with Danish physiotherapists; it has a high degree of usability.


Results from the exercises are received digitally by the allocated therapist, who can take subsequent action. Virtual Training® is able to receive and analyse the patients movement via Microsoft Kinect2 Camera (advanced analytics) and/or via the computer webcam (standard analytics).


Moreover, the system has an integrated and safe video communication platform, which can be applied for live exercise and common video conversations.


350.000 exercises was performed by Jan. 2016 which makes Virtual Training® Pro one of the worlds most used eHealth-solution within rehabilitation training!


Monthly license between 70 and 140 EUR 


Virtual Training® STD:

This is the easiest way to start with Virtual Training® – with minimum involvement, but still strong motivation for the patients. The therapist has access to 4 pre-defined programs which patients can be referred to:


● Exercises for better balance and stability

● Exercises performed from a chair

● Cardio-exercises

● Our morning-gym program


All categories have 3 levels:


● Beginner

● Intermediate

● Advanced


STD guides the patients throughout the program and works as a personalised and inspiring coach during the training-session both at home or in training facilities.




Virtual Training® Light:

The Light version uses the webcam. It detects the activity from exercises performed, and sends the results to the allocated therapist.


This solution is great when the patient just need that little extra motivation

















Virtual Training® Pro:


Virtual Training® Pro releases the full potential of Virtual Training®.


When connecting the Microsoft Kinect Camera, Virtual Training® analyses all patient movements. Thus enabling the opportunity to give advanced feedback and guidance to patients in real time.


Virtual Training® Pro sends daily and full detailed documentation to the therapist, who can take immediate action if the scheduled training-plan needs to be changed.

Watch this video (link) to see Virtual Training® Pro in action.














Please use 2 min. to watch our explainer video.



In Denmark Virtual Training® is widely used to support quicker and more dynamic rehabilitation training.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.