Welfare Denmark | Virtual Relocation®
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Virtual Relocation®

Virtual Relocation® is the most effective way to improve and anchor knowledge about relocation guidance in your organisation.


This tool provides a unique e-learning platform, which employees in the health sector can use to obtain important knowledge and reduce injuries. It’s also a management tool, providing managers with extensive knowledge of the level of  competence anchored in the municipality, sector, department or even specific employees. This knowledge can be used to provide employees with area-specific education – it also works as a platform to certify employees.


Virtual Relocation® is developed in corporation with norwegian Per Halvor Lunde, and used in Danish municipalities to reduce claim costs.


Developed for:
PC, MAC and smart devices (Android/iOS)


For more information, please contact us.



Welfare Denmark ApS, deltager i projektet “Virtuel Forflytnings app”, med en målsætning om at udvikle en prototype af Virtuel Forflytning til det Kinesiske marked.